The sponsored integrated cart selling coffee and drinks, through We Care Relief Canada's small business project.
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Small Business Startup Selling Coffee for Jobless Brother in Gaza

Volunteer helping the brother setup his new small business, selling drinks and coffee in Gaza, sponsored by donors. Alhamdullilah

Jobless brother in Gaza started his small business with support from donors and volunteers, selling assortment of beverages and coffee. Please visit his coffee cart if you are around or to sponsor more small businesses for poor families, donate to We Care Relief Canada’s Small Business Startup Project! All donations are Zakat eligible.

Coffee Cart/Food Truck in Gaza Sponsored by donors
The sponsored Small Business Cart selling drinks and coffee.

Through the sustainable livelihood program, the small business cart was provided along with all the work necessities to the sponsored brother. Below is a report from the volunteer who delivered and helped set up the cart in Gaza.

The sponsored brother now earns at least $13 CAD a day. This is above the average of workers in Gaza, who work in the factories for 12 hours and earn $8 CAD a day.

“and I work on that project on the beach, and during the summer season my income exceeds 20 Canadian dollars with the families that come to the beach.”

A successful project in Gaza, as the sponsored brother says.
Volunteer with sponsored brother in Gaza, who received the new integrated cart, ready to start a small business selling drinks.
Volunteer standing with the sponsored brother, holding a thank you sign.

This project is good and one of the best projects here because the person can be independent and does not work with anyone. The brother is now a business owner and makes himself a good income, which can support himself and his family. Alhamdullilah.

As for the cart, it is a well-made with mechanism to protect from theft. It has two doors – one under as storage for goods and private things, and one above a door for business. We provided everything that this young man needs to continue working, such as all supplies for hot drinks, a gas pipe, gas brushes, a thermos to save hot water, an electric water heater, cups and sugar. A battery to light the kiosk, etc. All of the support items the person receives allows him to work straightaway as he does not need anything.

The joy of this young man when we presented him with this vehicle was indescribable. The eyes of that young man shed tears of joy and prayers for everyone who sponsored and delivered this business food cart, which will be a source of income for him and his family. I cried so many tears of joy for this young man.

(Reported by Team Volunteer in Gaza)

Thank you to the donors, the jobless brother now has a startup small business to earn a source of income. JazakAllah Khairan.

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