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Funeral Tent Donated in Gaza for Mourning and Condolences of the Deceased

This funeral tent is 6 meters wide and 15 meters long. We bought it along with 200 chairs and it is now ready as a place of mourning. We thank We Care Relief Canada and all the brothers and sisters who donated to this tent, from which we will receive revenue in the coming years. It is an ongoing charity. May Allah rewards you, and bless you all.

Funeral Tent with Chairs Donated in Gaza

In Islamic countries, they open a mourning tent for men in the street to receive condolences from neighbors, relatives and family. The women are in the house of the deceased, and the men are sitting in that tent. The family of the deceased rents that tent and chairs for 3 days. They offer coffee and dates to visitors who come to pay their respects. Renting that tent with chairs is expensive for families. The rental price is 300 US dollars in only three days, which is something that not all poor and medium families can do, so everyone suggests that we do that tent and it is an ongoing charity. And we set it up for families who have deaths to reduce costs.

Volunteers putting out the chairs.
Volunteers setting up the tent.

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