Turkey Syria Earthquake
Gaza under Attack
Turkey Syria Earthquake
Turkey Syria Earthquake
Turkey Syria Earthquake
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Sponsor iftar meals or food parcels for people in Gaza

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Now the war has begun on Gaza, a very violent war. Bombing of residential towers and houses started, and many have been martyred and wounded.

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Sponsor olive trees plantation to support Palestinian farmers as a source of income

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Donations Needed For Earthquake Relief and Recovery

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Donate For Education

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Water Crises

water appeals



 We arrange bore wells. Borewell is a deep, narrow hole drilled into the ground from which water is extracted. The benefits are extensive and helps an entire village.

Handpump Project

 There is a severe water crisis in Sindh- Pakistan, villagers have to walk very long distances to get clean water, they …

Solar Submersible Water

Many places where handpumps are not successful  due scarcity of sweet drinkable water resources so we have installe…

urgent appeals

Turkey and Syria Earthquake

Turkey/Syria Earthquake

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake has resulted in more than 2, 400 deaths, many injured, and close to 3,000 damaged buildings.

We Care Relief Canada, Donate Zakat, 100% Zakat Charity

Appeal for Syria

The Prophet (PBUH) said “Visit ash-Shaam, for it is Allah’s chosen land, to which He will gather His chosen slaves……


4.8 million inhabitants of the oPt, living under occupation poses direct health and life risks, including violent attacks…

our projects


Giving charity on a voluntary basis in the name of Allah (swt) is known as sadaqah (for the cause of Allah). A snile can be charity even…

We Care Relief Canada, Donate Zakat, 100% Zakat Charity


We Care Relief Canada is strives to cater as many fasting muslims as possible.We distributed food  in over 18 countries…


Sponsor Monthly Food Package

Monthly Food Packages: From March 2021 to October 2022, we provided more than 2500 monthly …

Child sponsorship is a powerful form of giving in which a giver connects with a vulnerable orphan…

Education/ School Supplies

A significant challenge for education in developing countries is that children are simply not learning enough…


Build the Mosques

We aim to progress in religion, and for this reason, we construct mosques.. We have done so in a number…..

Build the Houses/Tents

Through shelter, we develop strength, stability, and independence. We Care Relief assists households……

Distribution of Quran/ Siprah

In keeping with our initiative to enhance religion, through which we built  mosques , we also distribute Siprah and Qurans

We offer another life changing initiative to use solar power to provide electricity to homes….


Wheelchairs Distribution

The goal is to give handicapped people freedom, movement, and independence. Our mission is to give every child…


Muslims traditionally slaughter animals like sheep, goats, buffalo, cattle, and camels on and camels on a holy day...

Sustainable Livelihood Program

This initiative will help youth and women from highly disadvantaged minority groups who have ….

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About We Care Relief Canada

We Care Relief Canada is a registered non-profit society, established in March 2021, working in Pakistan, Palestine, and Uganda. We supply them with basic needs of life, like food through monthly food packages, community lunches, water through hand-pumps, solar panels operated submersible pumps, bore-well, self-sustenance through setting up a small business, electricity through solar panels, wheelchairs, livestock, cots, mosquito net, medicine, fan, baby diaper, clothing, slippers, wedding and funeral arrangements.


Raised Around

Raised Around $515000 and invested in various projects

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Zakat Policy

100% of Your Zakat goes directly to the Needy and Beneficiaries .No administrative fee is taken by our Team Alhumdulilah


We Care Relief is based on the selfless work and dedication of volunteers, and we believe that volunteering can be beneficial to both the organisation and the individual. We are devoted to supporting and investing in volunteers!

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